Random Things

My life is one big internet quote.


I will be live tweeting the SBTB movie. Follow along if you’d like!

person: how long does it take to get there?
me: 3 songs



I go through life assuming everyone gets FRIENDS references. And when people don’t, I’m like:


The most accurate thing in my life.

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I think people that aren’t in the holy trinity fandom must get really confused sometimes like


what’s #nofilter? hasn’t that got something to do with Instagram?

why are all these people wearing tops and hoodies for a camp they never attended?!

why do so many of you own carrot onsies?

muhm-mam-mom-rie? sorry how do you pronounce that?

isn’t Flula that daddy long legs guy?— BOOM CITY YES IT IS ME!

what’s an Izanami? what has satan got to do with that?

Swarto? is that a German meat? — NO BUT IT DOES SOUND TASTI!

so… its a dog named Goose?

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